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Business Valuation

Today, evaluating a business in an evolving and complex environment is demanding and requires more than basic accounting skills. Traditional evaluations and estimations are no longer enough to determine the actual value of an enterprise made up of tangible and intangible assets, intellectual property, and technologies.

Goudreau Poirier works with expert business valuators that bring with them a vast experience in the field of public and private business evaluation in a large array of business sectors. Our professionals work in a wide array of domains, including financial litigation, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, as well as tax, estate and succession planning. We are also measuring the fair value of goodwill, and intangible and fixed assets and perform the annual depreciation tests in accordance with the requirements of corporate financial reporting rules.

Here is a selection of our vast service offerings:

  • Evaluation of commercial interests in litigation
  • Identification and evaluation of intangible assets, intellectual property, client lists, stock options, etc.
  • Interest assessment of a company reorganisation and the income tax requirements
  • Evaluation of goodwill and intangible assets
  • Price evaluation as part of an asset or stock acquisition
  • Evaluation and establishment of values for estate planning and intergenerational transfers.

Our services also include:

  • Help in finding business partners
  • Business valuation using recognized methodologies
  • Preparation of a valuation report
  • Presentation of the case to potential partners
  • Due diligence and comprehensive analysis
  • Negotiations, attending closings and subsequent monitoring