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Tax Services

Goudreau Poirier’s tax services are lead by a team of professionals experienced in dealing with simple or complex tax situations of individuals and corporations. Additionally, our professionals are focused on finding the best solutions while being mindful of compliance with tax legislation and future changes.

Working in close collaboration with private corporations, its shareholders and directors, our tax professionals use their expertise to develop and plan efficient fiscal strategies that minimize the overall tax liability of both our personal and business clients. This constant engagement requires knowledge, competencies and experiences in different areas of tax law such as:

  • Preparation of personal tax returns
  • Preparation of tax returns for corporations
  • Preparation of tax returns for trusts
  • Crystallization of the capital gain exemption
  • Multiplication of the capital gain exemption
  • Corporate restructuring designed to protect assets
  • Tax planning to optimize the purchase or sale of a business
  • Use of inter vivo trusts in a scenario of tax and financial planning
  • Study of business regroupings
  • Buiness reorganization
  • Rollovers of assets between individuals and corporations on a tax-free basis
  • Assistance and representation in dealing with tax authorities (inquiries and audits)
  • Calculation of tax liabilities arising from death and planning to limit such liabilities
  • Study of tax impacts from different legal structures
  • Analysis and planning of tax impacts of different life insurance products
  • Planning of executive compensation
  • Integration of key employees to share ownership
  • Planning of succession and tax consequences of death
  • Analysis of the tax implications of a bankruptcy
  • Planning of sales tax assessments