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Due Diligence

  • General examination of a business’s financial situation during a merger/acquisition
  • Compliance verification of various business records with the relevant tax authorities (GST/HST, QST, deductions at source, corporate taxes, Inspecteur général des institutions financières)

Business Valuation

Today, evaluating a business in an evolving and complex environment is demanding and requires more than basic accounting skills. Traditional evaluations and estimations are no longer enough to determine the actual value of an enterprise made up of tangible and intangible assets, intellectual property, and technologies.

Business Reorganization

  • Analysis of businesses’ financial situation and health
  • Analysis of the business financial ratios
  • Analysis and identification of measures to improve a business's financial situation
  • Preparation of projected financial statements
  • Preparation of pro-forma financial statements
  • Preparation of projected monthly cash-flow statement


  • Assistance in finding lenders and investors to finance business projects
  • Analysis of possible financing options
  • Recommendations and sound advice from our firm’s network of intermediaries such as banks, trust funds, mortgage lenders and business development banks.

Implementation of Computerized Accounting Systems (CAS)

  • Computerization of the general ledger, supplier and client accounts, payroll, inventory, project management as well as setting up of the financial statements.
  • Implementation of different accounting software packages:
    1. Simply Accounting (Sage 50)
    3. Avantage
    4. Acomba
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