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Cities, towns and municipalities

Since 1992, Goudreau Poirier has continuously been developing its experience and knowledge in the field of public sector auditing, working with a broad range of clients, cities, towns, municipalities, MRCs, and public boards. Our experienced professionals have the mandate to audit around sixty municipalities, cities and other Québec municipal organisations every year.

In addition to perform its tasks as an auditor of public bodies, Goudreau Poirier as also developed an advanced experience in providing advice to such institutions and organisations, so that they can better achieve their mission:

  • Studies on pricing of shared services between municipalities
  • Studies for sharing municipal services at the regional level
  • Cost studies linked to municipal services (environmental health, household waste, fire prevention, etc.)
  • Studies of the debt rate development and tax rate changes after major capital projects
  • Development of accounting systems in smaller organizations
  • Assistance with the preparation and editing of by-laws to allow municipal elected officials to join the CARRA retirement plan and for the redemption of previous years of service.
  • Study of the pricing of municipal services
  • Consulting regarding sales taxes (GST/QST) in different situations
  • Analysis and projection of the short, medium and long-term financial impacts of municipal borrowing

The professionals at Goudreau Poirier work to develop and continuously improve these specialised services for the municipal sector. This objective is very important for the partners of Goudreau Poirier who are also involved personally at a higher level to further shape this sector:

  • Participation in the Committee on Municipal Administrations at the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec
  • Participation in the Comité consultatif sur les finances municipales (CCFM) of the Ministère des Affaires municipales, des Régions et de l'Occupation du territoire
  • Participation in the editing and drafting of updates to the Municipalities Audit Guide and the firm's audit programme