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Auditing & Assurance

Audit of Financial Statements – Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

An audit can provide business owners with a valuable point of view on their business. Not only does an audit allow owners to to be better informed about the state of their business, but it also allows them to better communicate with their financial partners.

Audit of Financial Statements – Public Sector

Our professionals understand the challenges faced by public sector enterprises, organisations, bodies, and institutions.

Pension Plan Auditing

For small as well as large enterprises it is important to be up to date on the latest regulatory changes, in order to avoid potential penalties and fines. Helping our clients in this regard is a major part of our auditing services. The audit of pension plans requires a deep understanding of the regulatory environment under which such plans are governed.

Services for Non-Profit Organizations

We have a long-standing record of working with not-for-profit organizations. Since the founding of our firm we have built up a strong client base, including foundations, moral and cultural organizations, charities and other types of non-profit organizations. We serve organizations generating revenue from in the form of contributions, donations, government funding, grants and membership fee.

Evaluation of Internal Controls

Goudreau Poirier can help you assess your key business processes in order to determine potential risks related to weaknesses in your internal controls. Furthermore we can evaluate your business's overall efficiency. As a result of such assessments we can prepare recommendations on ways to minimize such risks, thereby making your business more efficient.

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